All 2015 sermons are from Kendall Fox unless otherwise noted

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4                        2015

 1                                 Lead Us To Christ                     1                              Two Sons                         

                   Mark Of A Disciple

                            Do Others Glorify God Because of You                                      Buried

11                      Live By Faith


  8                                You Are Sons    

                                    The Church Is                               

   8                        Severed From Christ

                                Fishers Of Men

18                     Gods Promise

                         Danger Zone

15                                You Are Sons

                                   What About Tradition

15                          A Little Leaven


25                    Promise of God

22                        It's One Or Another

                              Love the Lost      


29                  Are You Carrying Your Load

                                     April                                                                      May                                                                                    June

5              What Did You Plant?

3                                     Great Commission 7                           Fair Haven  

                 O Lord, Our Lord


12                Boasting     

10                                      Honor Your Mother

14                         Finding God 

                          By Larry Stephens

                "Help Me God"

                                          Pray, Pray, Pray

                        Lessons from Prayers

                       By Logan Quertermous

19           Help Those In Need 

17                                      Worthy Of The Gospel 21                    Our Father's Day

             Wise In  What Is Good

                                           Prepared People                        What Will It Cost Me

26                      Exalted            

24                                 Jesus And A New Covenant 28                       Dwells In You

                                     Work For His Good Pleasure


  31                                Now No Condemnation



5               Whose Leading?

                  What Use Is It?

12            How Eager Are You

                 Jesus Loves Me

19                Predestined

           No Unwholesome Words

26       No Sermon - Audio issues.


2                   Victory in the Lord of God


9                    Who Do You Represent?

                          My Returning Lord

16                Dangers Facing Our Children

                    Our God is an Awesome God

                               By Steven  Hurst

23                         In God We Trust

                    Be Patient And Don't Complain


30                    Who Have You Converted


6                To The Work, To The Work

                   Can A Christian Go To War

13                       Are You Satisfied

              Humble Yourself & Resist the Devil

20                       By What Authority

                               Man and Sin

27                   Raised From The Dead


4       The Cost Of Being Saved

                    Drift Away


11          In To All The World


18        Gospel Meeting              

"Saving Souls"

         With Todd Clippard



25        Who do you fellowship



1               This is the love of God

                  Comforted in affliction                     

8                            Practice of truth

                        What Are You Producing

15                    What can I know

                         God's chosen

22               Do you know you have eternal life   

                          Practice these things  

29                                      If


      6         Lifestyle for spiritual growth

                              Dan Curry


                             Dennis Deno

      13              Exhortations For Christians

                     God's Commandments to Joshua

                                    Thadd Valeika

      20             "What about Christmas"

                              One God

      27     He will come the same way he left