All 2016 sermons are from Kendall Fox unless otherwise noted

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   3   Peter's Sermon

        Gave Himself Rescue Us

   7  Constantly Added

       Godliness by Contentment

   6   Breathing Threats


   10  Recapturing the Excitement - Part 1

         Power of God

   14   A Complaint Arose


   13  He Ordered Them To Be Baptized

         The Gospel

   17  Recapturing the Excitement - Part 2


   21  Lord Do Not Hold Sin Against

          Holy Holy Holy

   20  A Large Number Turned to the Lord


   24  Sins May Be Wiped Away


   28    Go    27   He Did Not Give God The Glory

   31   We Cannot Stop Speaking



April May June

  3   Peter Chin: Is There Life After Death

       He Shook Of The Dust

  1     Turned The World Upside Down

         According To Knowledge

  5   Did Not Shrink Back

       Proper Clothing

  10  Through Many Tribulations

        How Eager Are You

  8     Ignorance

         Press One For The Prize

  12   I'm Ready To Be Bound and Even Die

         Don't Go To Far

  17   Saved By The Grace Of God

         Church Building Use

  15    Your Blood Be On Your Own Hands

          By All Means Save Some

  19   Why Are You Waiting

         Preach The Word 

  24   What Most I Do To Be Saved

  22   You Can't Be Taught Wrong and Baptized Right

         The Bold Church

  26   Take Courage

  29    Costly Change (Audio Issues - No Sermon)

July         August                    September               

  3   Resurrection With Both Righteous And Wicked

       Ready Or Not

    7          Report on Sarchi, Costa Rica

                 Justin Storie & Brian Podner

     4 Commitment to keep peace


  10  Jesus Is Alive!


  14          Shipwrecked


    11    Saved My Grace

            Four Fantastic F"s

  17   Where Will you Stand At The Cross?

                  Logan Quertermous

         Overcome Evil With Good

                     Steve Hurst

  21         Preaching the Kingdom of God

                     With Great Patience

   18    Pacific Needs Beggars

           Firm Until The End

    24   Persuade Me to Become a Christian


   28            Christians Use of Force

    25  September 25-28th, 2016 is our

          Gospel Meeting with Ray Sullins.

          Please click here to listen.

   31   The Summer is Over...Now What?

                 Logan Quertermous

     October                November                      December             

   2     Once For All

          Hope Does Not Disappoint

   6    Participation in the Gospel

         Who Are You Imitating

   4     True Worship - Stephen Hurst

          The Church - Tim Gatlin

  9        Man Of

           Pay Close Attention


       Bold Christians In The New Testament /

       Hate and Love.

   11    Rejoice, When Christ is Preached?

           What's In A Name?

   16    You Were Running Well

            Practice These Things

   20    Partakers of Grace

           Who Are We?

   18  Which Should I Chose?

         Which Should I Chose? (video)   

        Where Can I find Truth?

        Where Can I Find Truth (video)

   23     Giving, Well Pleasing to God

            Boasting in Things Pertaining to God

   27    Christ Proclaimed

   25   Conduct Worth of the Gospel

          Conduct Worth of the Gospel (video)

   30    Paul Kee - Compromising and Condoning