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    7   Donald Dodd - Dwell on These Things - Audio                                                

        Steven Hurst - Comfort Through Forgiveness - Audio

     7            Terry Mabery                                        

          (Collinsville / Troy church of Christ)        

      Challenges for a Christian - Audio   Video                     

      Priscilla and Aquila  - Audio   Video                                                         


     14    Tom Wessel (Arnold church of Christ)

             Jesus and Zacchaeus - Audio

            Tom Wessel   Jesus Is The Mercy Seat  - Audio

     14    Mel Futrell  (Shades Mountain church of Christ)    

     Every Member Concept of Evangelism - Audio  Video

     Standard of Authority - Audio   Video




     21   Josh Robinson (Arnold church of Christ)

           Culture in the New Testament - Audio

           Following Jesus in a Modern World - Audio

          This is the Way - Audio

     21    Eric Gilstrap  (House Springs church of Christ)

             Chastised By The Lord  -  Audio   Video

             Mount of Olives  -  Audio  Video

             Matt Haynes  (West End church of Christ)

             Let Us Rise Up And Build  -  Audio  Video

     24    Audio and Video issues

     28     Jimmy Colvett (Foristell church of Christ)

              Book of Exodus - Audio

              What Manner Ought Ye To Be - Audio

              Matt Haynes (West End church of Christ)

              The Challenge to Rebuild

     28     Randy Strand (Lemay church of Christ)

              Parables of Jesus - Audio   Video

              Relevance of Repentance - Audio   Video

              Matt Haynes (West End church of Christ)

              Rebuilding the Walls with Benevolence

                         Audio     Video

     31  Jim Gilstrap (St Peters church of Christ)

           Nurturing Attitudes Required for Unity - Audio

April May June

     4         Jim Gilstrap (St. Peters church of Christ)

                This Is My Father's World -  Audio  Video

                Kindergarten and the Bible  -  Audio  Video

                Tracy Ring and Jimmy Smith

                Elders, Deacons and Leadership -  Audio  Video

     2   Terry Mabery  (Collinsville / Troy church of Christ)

           Saul and David's Heart -  Audio    Video

           In View of These Things -  Audio   Video

           The Great Commandment -  Audio   Video



     11    Tom Wessel (Arnold church of Christ)

              Compassion on the Multitudes - Audio   Video

              Matt Haynes (West End church of Christ)

              Rebuilding The Walls With Encouragement - Audio  Video

     9     Tom Wessel  (Arnold church of Christ)

             Value in the Parables -  Audio   Video

             Importance of Mothers -  Audio   Video

             Glory to God -  Audio   Video


     18    Mark Shelton (Fruitland church of Christ)

             Am I Spiritual?  - Audio  Video

             Spiratual Partiality - Audio  Video

             Matt Haynes (West End church of Christ)

             Rebuilding the Walls with Evangelism - Audio  Video  

     16     Jimmy Calvett (Foristell church of Christ)

              Moses, Pharaoh and the Plagues - Audio  Video

              How One Ought to Be - Audio   Video


     25    Josh Robinson (Arnold church of Christ)

             Twelve Apostles - Audio  Video

             Pondering Prayer -  Audio  Video

             Our Confidence in Christ -  Audio  Video





July August September


     1  Bill Mcdonald

         Understand Psalm 23

         Examples of Faith

         Knowledge, Example and Experience

     5  Joe Leibner  (St. Peters church of Christ)

         Pain and Suffering

         Discouraged But Not Defeated

         Fret Not  Psalm 37


     8   Ivie Powell  (West Plains church of Christ)

          THE Way

           How Strong Is Your Faith?

           How To Measure Your Soul

     12    Jerrie Barber (church of Christ Minister)

             Do What You Can With What You Have

             Are You A Normal Christian?

            God Has Given Us

     18    Ryan Weaver  (Collinsville church of Christ)

             Temptation - Audio

             What Is Your Slogan? - Audio

     15    Mark Shelton  (Fruitland church of Christ)

             Humility - Audio

             Christ Came To Save Sinners - Audio

     19   Joe Leibner  (St. Peters church of Christ)


     25    Josh Robinson (Arnold church of Christ)


             Blessed Resurrection

             A Glorious Church

     22  Brad Ashby  (Kinder church of Christ)

           Book of Jude

           Getting Ready To Grow


     26    Josh Robinson  (Arnold church of Christ)

             Leave Nothing Unknown

             Hough the Horses


    29   Josh Robinson 

           Sorry No Audio


October November December

     3    Wally Scaife  (South Haven church of Christ)

            The Glamour of Grammar

            I can See Clearly Now

     7  Jerrie Barber

         Book of Acts

         Mustard Seed

         How To Accept, Invite and Enjoy Criticism


     10 - 13th  Prominent Bible Teachings - Gospel Meeting

                      Don  Bahr  (De Soto church of Christ)

                      Thus Saith The Lord

                      God's Love Letter

                      The 'Mystery' Revealed

                      The Peaceful Kingdom

                      The Lord Is At Hand

                      Heaven Is A Wonderful Place

     14   Acts 2

            Carving Ears, Calling Angels, Cutting Out, Crucifixion

            What Time Is It?  Whose Time Is It?


     17   Jim Gilstrap   (St Peters church of Christ)

            Why People Don't Care What God Thinks

             Declaration of Independence of God

     21   Acts 3

            Cross Bearing - Disdainful

            God, Abraham and Long-Range Planning





     31   Jerrie Barber


           This Is The Day The Lord Has Made

           I Can Do All Things