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Kendall Fox: Minister

2013 St. Louis Area-Wide Lectures

Sept. 19-21


About Living Godly in an Ungodly World

About Saving Grace  

Does It Matter To God How We Worship?

About The Joy of Christianity

Will Only Members of the church of Christ be Saved?

About God’s Plan for Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage

Times of Assembly

  Bible Class 9:30 am
  Worship 10:30 am
  Evening 5:00 pm

  Bible Class 7:00 pm

Heb 10:25

What Happens When I Die?


Speak where the Bible Speak and be silent where the Bible is silent 112 N. Payne St Pacific, Mo. 63069
         Phone (636)271-6136

Rom 1:16

Gods Plan of Salvation

Hear = Romans 10:17; Believe = John 6:29 ; Repent =Luke 13:3;

Confess John 12:42; Baptize = Acts 2:38 & 1Peter 3:21

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